Does custom metal badge plating never lose its color?

Our common metal badges are made of iron, copper, zinc alloy and other materials, looks high quality, very delicate, the surface to have plating layer, and the plating layer to play a protective role.

Common plating colors include gold, pearl nickel, bronze, antique copper, rose gold and so on. Won’t the metal coating of the badge lose its color?

As for gold, real gold is very expensive, and we only use real gold plating if the customer clearly indicates the need for real gold. Otherwise, the coating is usually plain gold, which does not oxidize and fade as easily as imitation gold and is not as expensive as real gold. There are generally three reasons for fading: first, the base layer is bad; gold plating must be primed with silver plating; copper or nickel plating will discolor because the copper or nickel will diffuse into the gold layer. Second, the gold plating layer is too thin and fine. Third, it is not intended for thorough cleaning with water.

The advantage of the factory hardware era is that metal products are easy to oxidize in a humid environment, so if the customer uses it wrongly, such as just washing their hands with water stains or touching and rubbing their hands naively on the metal badge, then I believe that a good coating will not stand up to the customer’s rubbing and touching. Usually the badge is pinned on the chest or packed in a box without fiddling with it, the color of the coating will not come off quickly.

In order for a product to last a long time, not only is the quality of the product itself important, but so is proper maintenance. Some customers come up and ask if the color will come off, but we can’t guarantee it will never come off, it’s just a matter of time.

As long as it is used properly and collected in the right way, a qualified metal badge is guaranteed not to lose its color in time, usually within 2 years. Some customers say that the color won’t be ugly after 2 years and won’t be scrapped, in fact, think about it, the national designated issue of sterling silver and gold coins will oxidize and lose their color, not to mention the normal metal badge material. The metal badges we make are mainly used for annual meetings, exhibitions, gift giving and other timely occasions.

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