What are the types of metal keychains?

Traditional style: this is the most common and classic style of metal keychain, usually made of metal in simple shapes such as circle, square or heart.

Engraved keychains: these keychains can be engraved with a name, date or special message according to personal preference. They are usually made of metal and the engraving can make the keychain more personalized.

Cut-out style: These keychains feature a cut-out design, where the metal is cut to create an intricate pattern or text. This style of keychain is usually very beautiful and gives a sense of artistry.

Theme style: metal keychains can also be designed according to different themes, such as animals, sports, music, movies and so on. These styles of keychains usually have the logo or shape of the relevant theme.

Multi-functional style: Some metal keychains can not only be used to put keys, but also with other practical tools, such as a knife, lighter, bottle opener, etc.. These styles of keychains are very convenient in daily use!