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Located in Hangzhou City, China, our company is a prominent manufacturer and exporter of a wide range of promotional gifts. Our products include Custom Keychains, Metal, Wood, Car, Plastic, Rubber, Leather, LED light, Sports and Promotional keychains, Stainless Steel keychains, Carbon Fibre Keyrings, Crystal Key Chains, Plush Key Chains, Badge Lanyards, Gifts sets, Pin badges, Belt buckles, Hanger hooks, Purse hangers, Whistles, Carabiners, Ashtrays, Letter openers, Inception Gyroscopes, Bottle openers, Name cases, and other Promotional gifts. At our company, we have a complete production line that includes Moding, Stamping, Die casting, Polish, Coloring, Offset print, Pad print, and Packing departments. We have no MOQ limited and only require 7-10 days for sample lead time. For quantities under 10,000pcs, we typically require 15-25 days for the production process. Additionally, our art developing department opens 30 new designs every month. We are dedicated to working with our customers to achieve mutual development and benefits. We welcome potential buyers to contact us, and we appreciate your satisfaction with our products and services. We value your feedback and welcome any personalization, customization, and suggestion requirements.

Custom Logo Made OEM and ODM Keychains: Elevate Your Branding

Keychains are versatile accessories that serve many purposes, from keeping keys organized to showcasing personal style. Adding a custom logo is a popular way to customize keychains and elevate your branding. Custom logo made OEM keychains involve collaborating with a manufacturer to design keychains based on your specifications, giving you full control over the design, materials, colors, and finishes. The process includes design consultation, prototype development, production, and optional packaging and branding services. These keychains are ideal for businesses, organizations, or individuals looking to promote their brand or create personalized merchandise. ODM keychains with custom logos are a convenient option for those who prefer pre-designed keychain options. ODM manufacturers offer a variety of designs that can be customized with your logo. Choose the desired design from the manufacturer’s catalog or website, customize it with your logo, colors, and finishes, and the manufacturer will produce the ODM keychains featuring your custom logo. ODM keychains with custom logos provide a quick solution for branded keychains that represent your style and message. Design customization with custom logo made OEM and ODM keychains is a great way to showcase your brand or personal style. Whether you prefer a completely customized design or want to choose from existing options, collaborating with a trusted manufacturer will help you create unique keychains. Custom logo keychains are perfect for brand promotions, corporate giveaways, or personal accessories that leave a lasting impression.

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TURBOOST® is a customer-centric brand that specializes in creating and distributing a range of high-quality custom keychain ornaments, badges, bottle openers, whistles, medals, travel tags, souvenirs, and promotional gifts for clients. With an emphasis on service, we pride ourselves on accurately replicating licensed products and bringing corporate logos to life for retail sales. At Waltt Products, we value efficiency, professionalism, and customer satisfaction. We are passionate about delivering customized solutions that exceed your expectations. Trust us to be your partner in creating perfect custom keychain solutions.

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Souvenir keychains are special trinkets used to commemorate memorable moments, showcase national pride, or pay tribute to iconic buildings. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, a patriot, or an architecture lover, there is a perfect keychain for you!


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great communication, great speed and dilivery. and really helpful with getting the logo in the right spot!

Dustin Corbin

Very good quality of all the products

Martin Guillen

Great item, custom order and it came out great. thank you. will order more soon. thank you

Rey Pagan