How to recognize the quality of metal badges?

Customized metal badges are mostly made of metal, so what are the best ways to make sure it’s a quality badge?

Printed badges, notched badges, drip badges and baked badges are all relatively easy to produce and can only be considered ordinary badges. In particular, iron or alloy badges are more suitable for customers with specific price requirements.

The process of customizing badges is one of the most important factors in quality badges. However, the process of producing any high quality product in general will also be relatively complex. The enameling process is one of the more complex processes in badge production, which is why enameled badges are truly high quality badges.

Gold and silver are not the usual materials used to produce customized metal badges. The preferred material for high quality badges is copper, especially red and purple copper, which is softer and easier to form different patterns on the outside of the badge. Other copper materials also offer better erosion resistance, abrasion resistance, ductility and excellent mechanical features, so it has become the material of choice for high quality badges.

Badge design and badge hardware are also some of the elements of high-quality personal badges. A really good quality badge should have a more sensible design. In terms of accessories, it will use relatively high quality accessories such as flat pins and round high card heads. The packaging of the badge will also use high quality wooden boxes, flocked boxes, etc.

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